Wher you can fly ?

We fly in all Italy

In Tuscany ( In Chianti area , where you look amazing landscape , Firenze , The one most beautifull city of art in the world, Siena , Lucca Montalcino e L’Abbazia di Sant’Antimo , Montepulciano , Volterra , Monterriggioni )

In Emilia Romagna ( Cesena , Ferrara , Bologna )

Nel Lazio ( Magliano Sabina )

In Lombardia ( Milano Lago di Como e Lago di Iseo )

In Piemonte ( Mondovì )

In Trentino ( Sulle Dolomiti )

Information about flight

The flight during  hour

you have to be in take off 30 minutes before the flight to know all information about the flight

The whole exeperinece lasts about 3 hours.

Exeperience includes insurance coverage and gound handling

Where is landing ?

The ballon has no steering wheel so it is not possible to kwon the exactly landing point . For thi reason our crew will follow the balloon to the landing point and bring us back to the take off

what should you wear ?

Sportswear , we recommend long trousers an athetic shoes , no slippers or heels.

The balloon take off and lands in field that may have tall grass or wet from rain

hours for the flights

The hot air balloon flight at sunrise or sunset.

The timetable change according to the seasons

Based on the period you have chosen , you will be given the exact time

Can everybody fly ?

Everybody can fly ( 6 a 97 anni )

Pregnant women cannot fly

Person weighing more than 110 kg must notify when purchasing the flight.

if is it bad weather ?

In case of strong wind , rain or fog it is not possible to fly.

In case it is evident from the days before the flight you will be contacted and you will be given another date for the flight.

If it iis not so evident , the Pilot may deicide to cancel the flight that same morning in the field.

In both cases you will not miss your flight, it will only be moved to a new date , at no additional cost.

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